LG 55-Inch Digital Signage Display (55UL3J-B)

The LG 55-Inch Digital Signage Display (55UL3J-B) offers stunning 4K Ultra HD resolution and vibrant colors, making it perfect for commercial environments. Powered by LG’s webOS, this display provides a user-friendly interface and versatile connectivity options including HDMI, USB, and DisplayPort. Its sleek design, wide viewing angles, and high brightness ensure clear visibility in any setting. Ideal for retail, corporate, education, and hospitality applications, the 55UL3J-B is durable, energy-efficient, and easy to install with VESA compatibility. Elevate your business communication with this high-performance digital signage solution.

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Enhance your business communication and captivate your audience with the LG 55-Inch Digital Signage Display (55UL3J-B). This state-of-the-art display offers stunning 4K Ultra HD resolution, delivering crystal-clear visuals and vibrant colors that make every piece of content come alive. With a sleek and modern design, it seamlessly fits into any commercial environment, from retail stores to corporate offices.

Key Features of LG 55-Inch Digital Signage Display

Ultra HD 4K Resolution

Enjoy breathtaking picture quality with 3840 x 2160 pixels, ensuring that every detail is sharp and vivid.

IPS Panel Technology: Provides wide viewing angles and accurate color reproduction, making sure your message is clear from any angle.

Brightness and Contrast

High brightness and contrast levels make the display easily visible even in brightly lit environments.

Smart Platform

Powered by LG’s webOS, the display offers a user-friendly interface and a variety of built-in applications to enhance your digital signage experience.

Flexible Connectivity

Multiple input options including HDMI, USB, and DisplayPort ensure compatibility with a wide range of devices.


Designed for continuous operation, the display is reliable and durable, suitable for various commercial applications.

Energy Efficient

Energy-saving features help reduce power consumption without compromising performance.


Retail Environments: Display advertisements, promotions, and product information to attract and engage customers.

Corporate Settings: Share important announcements, updates, and presentations in lobbies, meeting rooms, and offices.

Education: Enhance learning experiences with dynamic content in classrooms and lecture halls.

Hospitality: Provide guests with information, entertainment, and directions in hotels and restaurants.

Design and Installation

The LG 55UL3J-B features a slim and elegant design that enhances any space. Its VESA compatibility allows for easy mounting on walls or stands, providing versatile installation options. Whether you need a single display or a video wall setup, this digital signage display offers the flexibility and performance to meet your needs.

Invest in the LG 55-Inch Digital Signage Display (55UL3J-B) to elevate your business communication and deliver impactful visual experiences.



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