Channel partner program

Partnership for Mutual Success

Grow your business by joining our network! We are always looking out for partners so that we can grow together.
Channel Partners

Partnerships & Strategic Relationships


A Channel Partner enjoys...

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Exclusive Discounts

We are the leading distributor, so you deserve the best price. It's the ultimate perk and the best way to save money.

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Dedicated Account Manager

Our Account Manager is solely dedicated to help you leverage our platform in you to help drive more business.

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Credit Terms

We offer flexible payment options and value added packages to our partners till 30 days.

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Pre-Sales Support

We help partners and customers connect, collaborate and sell. That's why our pre-sales support team is here to help you.

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Shared Marketing Programs

A shared marketing programs is a fantastic way for you to promote your product and grow your business.

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Other Benefits

You get the preferrence for our rarely available product stock, which always sell like hot cup cakes.

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