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Smokescreen's Deception Technology for Detecting Targeted Threats

Deception technology covers your network with decoys to identify serious bad attackers. The alerts you receive are verified, so you can focus on what really matters.

Utilize Smokescreen to safeguard your business.

Smokescree provides advanced detection capabilities and threat intelligence to detect, classify and protect against malicious attacks.

Stop threats

while you sleep.

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In 18 geographies covering over 1.5m endpoints.

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Up & running within minutes

Start your first deception campaign with ready-made decoys. Avoid wasting countless man-hours configuring a new solution and instead concentrate on detecting threats.


Only Signal.
No Noise.

A breach is highly likely to be detected if a decoy interacts with an IllusionBLACK. You know it's real when you receive an alert.

forensics and root-cause analysis

Investigate in minutes instead of hours

Two-click automated forensics and root-cause analysis. Using half the team, you can accomplish more in a fraction of the time.

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