Email Client

More than a mailbox.

A virtual office can be used for team work and online meetings. Documents can be created and edited there alone or in collaboration with a team. Cloud solutions are accessible from anywhere and are ideal for remote work.
Cloud solutions

Utilize Icewarp to manage your emails

Icewarp platform is designed to help you manage your emails and notifications.

Virtual Office

Cloud email solution

Online Meetings

Where the team can work together

Edit Documents

Create and edit documents on the go

Beyond email communication: TeamChat.

As if everyone were seated at the same desk, engage in conversation and ask visitors to brainstorm and work together. You can remain tuned anywhere with a mobile app.

Team Chat
low cost solutions
Low Cost Solution

Email solutions starting at ₹399/year.

smart planning
Smart planning

Manage your domains and user accounts using multi-tenant architecture.

Advanced security
Advanced security

Signature-based AntiVirus, online CYREN AntiSpam, and IceWarp Authenticator for two-factor authentication.

Outlook Icon
Outlook compatibility

Emails, Calendars, Contacts, Tasks as well as Notes including color categories and HTML content seamlessly sync with Outlook.

Multitask Icon
Smart multitasking

Compose multiple emails while chatting with a coworker, reviewing a document or searching through TeamChat rooms.

Draft Icon
Smart attachments

SmartAttach uploades large files such as videos or presentations to our cloud and automatically includes a link in the email body.

Send Icon
Smart delayed send

Sometimes you remember to add an attachment right after hitting the Send button. It has happened to all of us.

face to face conferences

Meet face-to-face: Conferences.

Secure conferencing in the browser that requires no installation. Conferences can accommodate up to 200 attendees. Screensharing, real-time chat, and a moderator are among the useful features included.


Record your meetings to the cloud and share the video with colleagues who missed it.

free access
Free access for all

Every IceWarp user can start a conference and invite their colleagues or non-IceWarp users.

high security mode
High security mode

End-to-end encryption and password protection make joining your conference impossible for unauthorized attendees.

Call Icon
Conferences on the move

Work literally everywhere. Now your can join meeting in your car via Apple Carplay or Android Auto both on iOS and Android.


We've got your productivity needs covered: Documents.

Create and edit Office documents while collaborating in real time with your team. Open email attachments, edit them, and immediately return them to the sender. There is also a desktop Office suite available.

word, excel, powerpoint
Word, Excel, PowerPoint

WebDocuments seamlessly work with native Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint file formats.

Collaborative editing
Collaborative editing

Work on documents with your colleagues in real-time as if they were sitting at the same desk.

share without limits
Share without limits

Click the Share button, select sharing options and you’re good to go.

Book Icon
Review mode

Track history of changes as well as ongoing changes in documents. Switch between views to see original and edited versions.

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