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Sell used IT assets with ease

Are you looking for a reliable vendor who buys used IT assets? Don't look any further. We'll pay you to get those servers off your hands as quickly and securely as possible. It has never been easier to sell used servers!

We securely erase all drives and provide a certificate of destruction for free. We are also R2 certified to recycle non-viable assets responsibly.
Refurbished Servers

The Buyback Process


Send Us A List

Send us a spreadsheet or inventory list of the used servers and other hardware you want to sell, and we'll get back to you within 2 business days.


Server Buyback

Within two business days, you will receive a market value quote for your used servers, and the offer is valid for one week.


Get Paid

We will arrange for shipping or on-site pickup once you have accepted the offer and are ready to sell your used servers. We can be on-site the following day.

We handle the whole process

Certified Data Erasure

Certified Data Erasure

We will follow any data destruction standard you require, such as NIST or DoD 5220.22-M, and provide data destruction certificates.

Free Asset Valuation

Free Asset Valuation

Do you know how much your used servers are worth? Get a free market valuation and a quick purchase offer for your hardware.

Server Decommissioning

Server Decommissioning

When you sell used servers to us, we will take care of any infrastructure for you, making your project easier.

Certified Electronics Recycling

Certified Electronics Recycling

We process and recycle what is no longer valuable and recover money from the rest for you.

Free Shipping or On-site Pick Up

Free Shipping or On-site Pick Up

We offer free shipping with insurance and custom foam inserts / packing materials for smaller projects..

Inventory Validation & Network Discovery

Inventory Validation & Network Discovery

We can provide aninventory assessment and reconciliation using manual and/or network discovery tools

Sell Your IT Assets in One Place

We’re Equipped to Handle Any Type of Hardware You Have

Sell your Laptops, hardisk, servers

Frequently asked questions

When will I receive my order?

We process the orders same day after getting the purchase order and is shipped within 2 days. Depending on the shipping address, your order will be delivered within 2 days after shipping.

Do you take international orders?

Yes, we deliver your order around the globe.

Do you keep ready stock?

Yes, most of our assets are always in stock, some items may be sourced. All the information will be provided by our sales team before confirming the order.

What is your returns and refunds policy?

Returns and refunds will happen on a case to case basis. Kindly contact to know more.

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We'll help you get the best price for your used IT assets.

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