HPE XP8 Storage

The HPE XP8 Gen2 Storage array is the newest addition to the HPE XP storage family that has achieved 7-years of 100% data availability across the entire installed base. There is no room to improve on 100%, but HPE XP8 is raising the bar by delivering industry leading 8-nines [5] of availability, nearly assuring continued 100% availability well into the future.

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69 PB Raw
~60 PB Usable
255 PB External Storage

Drive description

SAS SFF SSD and HDD, LFF HDD, SCM (Storage Class Memory), FMD (Flash Module Device)
and NVMe SFF

Host interface

16Gb FICON SW FC (192 Ports)
16Gb FICON LW FC (192 Ports)
16/32 Gb FC HBA (192 Ports)
10G iSCSI (96 Ports)


6 TB maximum supported cache capacity
32 GiB or 64 GiB memory sizes
Encrypted or non-encrypted cache back-up modules

Availability features

All active components are redundant, and hot-swappable.
On-line scalable fully redundant hardware platform with unique High Availability SW solutions for complete business continuity and data protection. Supports multiple RAID levels for data protection.

RAID support

RAID 1 (2D + 2P), RAID 1 (4D + 4P), RAID 5 (3D + 1P), RAID 5 (7D + 1P), RAID 6 (6D + 2P), RAID 6 (14D + 2P)

Compatible operating systems

HPE NonStop
Microsoft® Windows®
Oracle Solaris

Product Dimensions (metric)

  • HPE XP8 Performance Disk Controller Chassis 483 x 763 x 434 mm (W/D/H)
  • HPE XP8 Performance Disk Controller Chassis 19 x 30 x 17.1 in (W/D/H)


  • 148.1 kg HPE XP8 Performance Disk Controller Chassis Pair (includes chassis, controllers, PCB, no drives or adapters.
  • 326.5 lb. HPE XP8 Performance Disk Controller Chassis Pair (includes chassis, controllers, PCB, no drives or adapters.


Warranty level of hardware reactive support is 3-years, 24×7, with 4-hour onsite response.



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