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How to Sell Used IT Assets with Ease

March 25, 2023
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It’s time to upgrade your IT assets.

But wait! What about the existing ones you have? One of the most lucrative options is to sell them and make the most of your IT investments. So, here’s a guide to selling any IT asset easily and obtaining the maximum value possible for them. Before we come to the steps of selling your IT products including various hardware and even comprehensive systems, let’s have a look at the factors that you should keep in mind.

Factors to consider 

Data deletion

Wiping your equipment clean to protect any and every sensitive information is a crucial thing to consider before you sell your IT assets. Overwriting data may be sufficient for some of your equipment, but it is not enough to prevent data recovery from hard drives and SSDs. Comprehensive data erasure techniques are necessary for them. 

Market demand

It's important to research the current market demand for the IT assets you're planning to sell. If the demand for these assets is low, it may be challenging to find buyers, resulting in a longer selling process and potentially lower profits.

Maximum profits

The key objective when selling IT assets is to maximize profits. This entails identifying the most profitable assets, evaluating the current market demand for IT assets, and timing the sale correctly. By following these steps, you can optimize your IT investments and achieve the most favourable outcome when selling your IT assets. 

Compliance with regulations 

The environment should sell your old IT equipment instead of throwing it away. But, it's important to do it the right way to avoid harming the environment. To do that, make sure to comply with any rule and regulation regarding selling your IT asset. It’s essential for your data security too. 

Steps to sell your IT assets

Not only is selling your used IT equipment a great way to redeem some of the expenses associated with upgrading your devices, but it's also a more eco-friendly option than simply disposing of outdated IT assets. By evaluating the aforementioned pointers, most people and even business owners can make the most of their IT investments and achieve a successful selling process. The selling process is explained through the following points:

Before you sell:

Take inventory 

It's essential to record the name, model, age, and condition of each device when preparing to sell old IT equipment. This information will be valuable not only for keeping a record of your IT inventory but also for obtaining accurate valuations and IT consulting service quotes.

Make it into a spreadsheet 

Now, this is a crucial step. The information you have gathered should be correctly conveyed to your buyer and making a spreadsheet helps greatly. There are a few things that you should note in it like the model, size, age, condition, brand and more. Listed below are some specific IT assets and what you might want to include in your inventory:

Hard drives: 

Model number, capacity, connectors, model number and its precise condition. 


Processor model number, details about the processor and its condition. 

Storage hardware:

Its systems, disk array enclosure model, setup, list of hard drives etc. 


Model, CPU part, SSD or hard drive numbers along with service tags in case of Dell servers. 


You might want to include details of the graphics card or any other computer parts as well. 

Take pictures of products and their numbers 

When taking pictures of your IT equipment, make sure to capture the part numbers and not just a generic photo of the device. Taking pictures can help you get appropriate offers for your asset. 


Choose your IT consultant:

To sell a lot of IT equipment, be knowledgeable about your items and consider your options. Selling to ITAD (IT Asset Development) vendors is preferable for bulk sales. Contact multiple vendors for fair pricing and ask about shipping costs. Proper packaging is crucial to prevent damage during shipping. Don't cut corners to save money, as it can lead to significant losses.

Ship your asset carefully 

Proper packaging is essential to prevent damage during shipping, but many people aren't sure how to do it correctly. To help ensure that your equipment arrives in the same condition it was left in, you can refer to many guiding videos available online or ask an expert personally. You should take special care while shipping your IT assets and do it through trusted shipping partners. 

Get your money

After reaching this state, you have completed your end of the bargain. However, the vendor or IT consultant has to fully process your hardware to assess its value and compensate you accordingly. All you have got to do now is to wait for them to get back to you with their offer. To get a fair price for your IT asset, you can connect with Comprint and sell your IT equipment in three easy steps. 

Why choose an IATD partner?

Maximised profits and the assurance of a reliable buyer are ensured with a correct IATD partner. Additionally, they provide efficient data destruction to help you be secure, going beyond industry protocols and standards to prevent data remnants from being recovered. Their expertise ensures proper handling, testing, valuation, and reselling or scrapping of your IT assets. Moreover, IT consultants like Comprint offer easy processes and hassle-free selling as well. 

The do’s and don’ts 


  • Be honest and mention every detail about your asset. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in great working condition. To refurbish it, your IT consultant is there. 
  • Get to know about your immediate buyer before trusting them. Do thorough research on them and then decide. 


  • It's best not to disassemble your equipment into different components unless you have adequate knowledge and expertise in doing so.
  • Don't cut corners on the packaging before shipping, as it can result in significant losses if your equipment gets damaged.

Now that you know all the aspects of selling used IT Products, you might find the process to be fairly easy. Ensure fair pricing and proper handling of your previously used assets by choosing the right vendor and following the steps methodically. At Comprint, we provide a simple online platform to sell your equipment and offer top-notch customer service. Visit our website to turn your unused IT assets into cash today.