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At Rentr, we're on a mission to revolutionize IT solutions for startups. We believe in providing innovative and cost-effective alternatives that empower businesses to thrive in today's dynamic market.

Rentr stands out in the industry by offering a unique approach to IT services and consulting. We specialize in technology rentals, allowing startups to invest in assets that appreciate in value while renting those that depreciate. This ensures maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness for your business, giving you the competitive edge you need to succeed.

Why choose Rentr?

Tax Advantage

Unlock 100% Tax Savings - Choose Rentr for Smart Financial Solutions for Your Startup.

Pay as you use

The rental model offers flexibility and makes sure that you pay only for your usage. This allowshealthier cash flows for better financial health.

Hassle-free refresh

Technology changes every year. Why shouldn’t you have the latest and the greatest? Rentrsolves this with easy - no cost upgrades.

Service guarantee

Nationwide Support - Quick and Effective Service Across India.

Financing with Rentr

We help you with getting the finances for your IT infrastructure with our NBFC partners.

No manual intervention

Seamless Automation - Our advanced systems automate verification to billing, reducing errors and ensuring reliability.

One time approval

Place multiple orders without going through the verification process overand over.

E-waste disposal

Eco-Friendly Disposal - Minimizing Environmental Impact and footprints, One Device at a Time.

Brands we Deal in

Financing solutions with Rent

Rentr offers innovative financing solutions tailored to your IT infrastructure needs, allowing you to optimize costs while maintaining flexibility. With our Finance Lease option, you can pay monthly and own the asset at the end of a fixed tenure—perfect for long-term investments. Our Operating Lease, meanwhile, provides monthly payments with the added benefits of flexibility and a service guarantee, ideal for adapting to technology changes without commitment. The Buy and Rent Back service allows you to sell your current equipment to us and rent it back, freeing up capital while keeping your setup intact. Additionally, our Refurbished Rentals offer high-quality equipment at pocket-friendly rates, making advanced technology accessible without a hefty price tag. Choose Rentr for cost-effective solutions that don’t compromise on quality or flexibility.

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